Wall advertisements are advertising constructions located on the walls of buildings. They are of huge sizes depending only on the size of the construction area. We do printing for well advertisements on banner fabric (cast vinyl) FrontLit or banner “Mesh”. The maximum width is 5 meters, if the picture is larger it is divided into segments, then the segments of the printed pictures are joined by sewing or welding. Wall advertisements in Kiev produced by our company are fascinating and memorable designs, visible from afar and perform a number of tasks:

  • are constantly in the spotlight
  • are memorable for perspective customers for a long time
  • are working around-the-clock for promotion of the company or brand.

Wall advertisements in Kiev are placed on high buildings and are an effective advertisement impossible to be missed. This advertisement makes an indelible impression in a few seconds, and if you create a bright memorable picture containing minimum text, you can be significantly dominate the competitors. And we will help you to accurately transmit colors and print wall advertisement of any size in Kiev.

It may also be necessary for a beautiful cover during facades repair or building restoration. If you need to produce and install wall advertisement please call (044) 377-74-77.