Trivisions are advertising constructions similar to billboards but consist of removable rotational triangular prisms which replace each other. With rotating prisms the picture changes and one such construction can display several different pictures changing with set race. Standard size of trivision makes up 6x3m. We use for printing “Blueback” paper that:

  • is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • is UV resistant
  • has adhesive surface easy for installation
  • has a reasonable price.

Such advertising will allow you to stand out in the most popular and visited places of the city, and the process of changing pictures will attract more people’s attention. They are waiting for the next picture and what it will be. We will print your advertising materials for placement on trivisions in the shortest time saving high quality color rendering. In the future it will be easy to be installed to the right place and save its appearance throughout all the advertising campaign period. Please call (044) 377-74-77.

Trivisions in Kiev allow to place several advertisements at places where there is no possibility to place several advertising boards. Standard trivisions (3x6m) are usually located near roads and metro stations, and that of smaller sizes are used in the internal advertising – in supermarkets, restaurants, offices etc.