Troll is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising. This is an advertising medium located directly above the road. Such media are also called street banners. In fact trolls in Kiev are one- or double-sided banners installed using the ropes above the road.

We produce this advertising medium on cast or laminated vinyl.

Street banner on laminated vinyl is a budget option and is suitable for short-term campaigns.

For longer-term purposes cast vinyl – “Frontlit” is better to be chosen. It is high strength, weather resistant and does not fade in the sun. Both materials allow to get a good and clear picture.

Please call (044) 377-74-77 and we will select the best option for material and printing in Kiev.

For your troll to serve its advertising function well it should be installed properly. We will install eyelets or pockets for further easy installation of street banners above the road.

If you plan to hold a large-scale advertising campaign or want to attract customers to the store or office located near the road advertising on the trolls would be the best choice. Especially a lot of contacts are provided on street banners in Kiev – they are well seen from a distance, visible to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.