Banners large-format printing is the multifunctional solution for outdoor advertising. Banner fabric is reinforced vinyl material for which production high-strength polyester mesh is used, improved with applying of double-sided plastic vinyl layer.

Banner for printing is made in such a way that is able to provide quality connection of self-adhesive film with its surface as well as effective full-color printing and durability of advertising products usage. Banner fabric can be used in all weathers regardless the temperature and humidity conditions. Special technique used as essential during banner fabric production prevents from mold and barteria formation at the seams and edges of the product.

Banner fabric differs in density, manufacturing method and application purposes:

According to the density it is divided into:

  • 280-340gr/sq.m – a thin banner used in environments with minimum wind load and for printing small-format banners.
  • 440-450gr/sq.m – banner of medium thickness, suitable for billboards
  • 500-600gr/sq.m – high-strength banner used for large advertisements and for areas with high wind loads.

According to the application purposes:

  • Frontlit (from the English “front lit”) is used for making outdoor advertising with outside illumination.
  • Backlit is used in light boxes with inside illumination using fluorescent lamp or LEDs.
  • Light-blocking banner is the banner for double-sided printing with placing of black material inside to prevent from show-through.
  • Mesh is the banner fabric of mesh structure used for production of large-scale advertising pictures in order to prevent from wind load and reducing the weight of the whole object.