Billboards are the most popular outdoor advertising type. They are also called advertising boards. They are free-standing constructions designed for placing large format advertising pictures. The most common size of these constructions is the medium of 6×3 or 3×12 meters. Advertisements on billboards installed in the busy streets and cross-roads well attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

We offer printing of billboards on blue back paper in Kiev – a special poster not transparent paper. The main advantages to choose it are the following:

  • resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • UV resistance
  • front picture is show-through protected
  • adhesive surface convenient for installation
  • durability of picture
  • low price

Printing on blue back paper in Kiev is offered by many companies, but only our company has printing machines, allowing to achieve bright, deep colors, which guarantees that a perspective customer pays attention to advertising product.

Printing of posters for billboards in Kiev is often used in political and social advertising campaigns. Our capacities allow to carry out the most large-scale orders quickly and efficiently. Around-the-clock production in Kiev provides printing of over 1000 posters for billboards per day. We also provide fast delivery anywhere within the territory of Ukraine.

If you need to print billboards of high quality in the shortest time and at the best price please call (044) 377-74-77.