Citylights are special constructions used for installation of outdoor advertisements in many modern cities of Ukraine. They can be installed both inside and outside the buildings, making this advertising campaign method quite commonly used and attractive for many modern companies that want to promote their products to the target audience and increase the customer base. Modern citylight in Kiev is a transparent rectangular box, which has advertisement poster placed inside and illuminated with fluorescent lamps.

During production process we use special paper “City paper”.

Thanks to it the following is achieved:

  • good color rendering and clarity
  • UV resistance
  • high humidity resistance
  • excellent light transmission
  • installation simplicity and easiness
  • reasonable price

Printing on city paper is carried out with solvent inks and has a high brightness and image transmission accuracy. Outdoor advertisement in citylights produced by our company will be good looking in any weather and at any time of a day.

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Today citylight in Kiev is one of the most popular ways of informing the final consumer about the product as well as audience about various events, festivals, performances, etc…

Use of citylights has a number of advantages:

  1. There is no need to use large area for placement of outdoor advertisement. Standard citylights size makes up 1,2×1,8m and its convenient location enables to reach a number of perspective customers.
  2. Using of internal illumination makes the advertisement more attractive (bright and deep) in the eyes of consumers (especially in the evening or at night).
  3. Such advertisement enables to achieve close eye contact, which ensures more thorough study of the materials placed on citylights by perspective customers.